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IPv6 Address Allocations

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The Indiana Gigapop has a direct IPv6 address allocation from ARIN of 2001:18e8::/32. The Gigapop delegates prefixes in the range of /40s through /48s to its members depending on the size of their networks.   A member with a single campus may receive a /48 whereas a member with 8 campuses may receive a /45.   Each Gigapop member can in turn divide their prefix into a /48 for each campus and further into /64s for individual broadcast domains. (See RFC2374 and RFC3177 for guidelines on address allocation). It is expected that all suballocations are SWIPed to ARIN so that they are documented to the world.

Because of the way v6 address space is aggregated, these delegated /48 addresses will (likely) not be accepted from end-sites and routed by other carriers and are not "portable".

Allocations made so far by the Indiana Gigapop for its internal use and to its members are recorded here - Gigapop Members IPv6 Allocations.

The table below references the intitial allocations, please use the link above for future allocations.


  2001:18e8::/36 Gigapop Member Blocks
  2001:18e8:0000::/44 Indiana University System
    2001:18e8:0001::/48 IUPUI (suballocation)
    2001:18e8:0002::/48 IUB (suballocation)
    2001:18e8:0003::/48 IUE (suballocation)
    2001:18e8:0004::/48 IUK (suballocation)
    2001:18e8:0005::/48 IUNE (suballocation)
    2001:18e8:0006::/48 IUSB (suballocation)
    2001:18e8:0007::/48 IUSE (suballocation)
  2001:18e8:0400::/40 I-Light
  2001:18e8:0800::/44 Purdue University System
  2001:18e8:0c00::/48 Notre Dame
  2001:18e8:0c02::/46 IU Research (Bloomington)
  2001:18e8:ff00::/48 Indiana Gigapop Internal

Following recommended ipv6 allocation practice, each site is expected to be allocated one or more /48s as needed.

The Indiana Gigapop also has an IPv6 allocation from Internet2 (2001:468:0400::/40), but these addresses should never be allocated.   


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